Helping the world

The Problem

It hurts me that i have so many things that i want to do in life, but others that are por dont. I want to make their lives better by donating all kinds of things that i dont really much often as in a game system. If i was being hurt or I was poor, I would really want someone to get me out of that environment. So why not help them out, which is why im doing this.

Plan of Action

I can step out of my house, go to stores by shirts and clothes as a start off. I have begun to watch the shows where the homeless people are sad or happy. From there I will send everything to the provided address. They may be happy but not happy enough. Money will be sended as soon as i can work for it or earn it. When i make poor people it makes me wayyyy more happier. This world should be eqaul and all happy.

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