Henry, Tennessee: A Learning Community

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The Problem

Funds would be used to develop land into athletic/recreational playing fields. The land donated in 2006, congruent to Henry School, provides adequate space for softball, soccer/football fields, and a walking track. Funding would enable the school to purchase a backstop and fence for the softball field, and two goals and one goal post for the soccer/football fields. With these improvements made, the local board of education would allocate funds to surface a walking track. Of the 510 PreK-8 students, 80% receive free or reduced lunches. Yet, Henry does not allow poverty to detract them from upholding high educational standards. For five years, the school has exceeded the requirements of the federal government to meet the standards of No Child Left Behind. The school is the focal point in this township of 550 members with a median income of less than $27,000 a year. With the leadership of the school, parents have become invested in not only their children's education, but their own. Adult GED classes are offered at no cost to parents. Henry is truly a learning community. Use of the fields would be deisgnated for grades 2-5 physical education classes and students in grades 6-8 during athletic competitions. In addition, the fields would be available for the broader community during non-school hours. Receipt of this grant would not only affirm the efforts of the citizens of Henry, but serve as a catalyst for other communities looking for examples of what belief in children can achieve.

Plan of Action

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