HipHop Dance Jam For The Masses

The Problem

Even though segregation is over, there's still racism in the world. Stereo My vision is to see all the masses come together, at one event, sharing something we all love. The love of dance and music. Then all people come together, put aside their differences and just enjoy the music and get down together. There would also be performances by local artists, some spoken word and etc.

Plan of Action

Get a large open space (like a parking lot or a park) Get flooring for people who want to dance (linoleum or vinyl) Have a large music system and a DJ Refreshment stands Have spoken word artists give a chance to speak about all the racism and discrimination in the world, and how we should all love one another. have people just dance together play music, and have fun. the impact we made is that, people will realize, its not just certain races/religions that love the same things other people do. and people will meet each other, make friends. get along.

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