Official Project

The Problem

Teens in Capon Bridge find many activities to get into trouble with. Many of the local children live in poverty and reach the teen years with little hope. We hope by volunteering to improve the lives of these children we can show them that there are many ways for teens to make a diffence and stay out of trouble.

Plan of Action

Hold a Holiday Drive for Food, Toys, clothing, hygiene products, and coats to help children in Capon Bridge have a brighter Christmas. 1. Victoria Edwards will call local Elementary school and speak to principal to get list of children’s ages and sizes that are in need in Capon Bridge, WV. 2. Organize teen volunteers to canvas businesses and organizations. a. Teens will place collection boxes at local business. b. Teens will explain the Holiday Drive to local organizations. c. Teens will place flyers at local businesses. d. Teen volunteers will spend a day at each collection box to raise awareness on December 19th 2009. 3. Teen volunteers will collect boxes at end of business day on December 19th 2009. 4. Teen volunteers will wrap presents on December 20th. 5. Teen volunteers will arrive with presents on December the 21st at Capon Bridge Elementary School to distribute to the children. This Holiday Drive will enable teens in the community to band together and provide underprivileged children with a brighter holiday. The children will learn that the community cares and that local teens are making a difference. The families of the children will have a less stressful holiday knowing that their children will not go without presents for the holiday.

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