Holiday Hope

Official Project

The Problem

Mission: We are setting out to bring our community together as one family, and make sure that those who are less fortunate are included in more ways than one. As well as raising the true spirit of the holidays and showing what it is truly about. Comm[unity] Description: Holiday Hope is basically a project for the community and those who are less fortunate. With-in the month of December there will be a start of a different type of community, a family. There will be a district-wide holiday party hosted at the center of its community, the high school. Where volunteers will help and come together as one to pull the party off. With in a variety of helping serve community members who are required to each bring a community member who is less fortunate. We all will help decorate the old gym, move the tables over there as well as get the word out district wide. We plan on doing this by sending a mailing home to all parents with students in our district, we also plan to request that our two local papers help donate a newspaper spot telling community members to get their spirits up its time for our family to join. Community Involvment: We all must come together and make this a reality. There will be dontations requested,and community bonding all the time. We will start with the school as far as help and then branch out after that. All home romms/advisments will be asked to make the biggiest paper chain to be used as a deciration but also, symbolic for us making something that is never ending together just as a chain is.

Plan of Action

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