Home Renovation in New Orleans

The Problem

I was down in New Orleans volunteering to help build homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It´s amazing that three years after Katrina there are still thousands of homes that are either abandoned or just not rebuilt yet. In addition, there are so many scams where people have been defrauded out of thousands of dollars by contractors who take their money and fix nothing. Its incredibly sad.

Plan of Action

I have helped get a home on the road to recovery! I would love to go back and work more with the organizations down in New Orleans and help rebuild more homes. I will upload pics as soon as I find a computer that will let me!

Project Updates

One thing that I was able to do while down in New Orleans was sit in at a staff meeting at Phoenix House and see how they operate. I think I gave some helpful comments to their fundraising department. In addition, I would love to explore more ways to help out the disaster relief community down in New Orleans. Its a very interesting group of young Americorp workers, brand-new orgs trying to help out, and I´m sure, much duplication of services that could be eliminated with a little more collaboration.

All these young people involved in the rebuilding process would absolutely benefit from Do Something´s upcoming Disaster Grants (powered by the Dunkin Brands Foundation, look for the grants starting January 5th) as well as our Disaster Bootcamp next fall, so definitely check back with us if you´re interested in this cause!!

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