Home Sweet Homeless

The Problem

About 10 months ago 2 of my friends (18 and 20 years old) and I started monthly potlucks that we host on the second Saturday of the month. We wanted to help the homeless community in our city. We are all either high school or college students and don’t have a lot of money, so we invited our friends to come with us and bring food. The result was a potluck picnic that did not resemble the feeding lines that the homeless were accustomed to. Our events average 100-150 homeless people and 100-150 students and families that come to the park and share the afternoon together. Through the relationships we have formed at the potlucks, we try to meet the needs of our homeless friends. We do this by helping them apply for food stamps, help fid them shelter, clothes, medication, transportation, and jobs. We try to meet their social needs by taking them to the movies, hosting a community Christmas show (live bands, choirs, dance numbers, and Christmas cookies). Also, by providing opportunities for people to serve, those serving are greatly impacted. We have told to over 5000 people about what we're doing in Orlando through speaking engagements, networking sites, and new releases. We have served over 2500 meals, have provided over 100 nights of shelter, have passed out over 80 backpacks filled will hygiene supplies. We have made countless friendships. Six people meet together to plan events and run the organization, but we have about 150 consistent volunteers. For more info check out: www.hshomeless.com

Plan of Action

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