Homeless for a Night

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Homeless for a Night. An event where students spend the night on the track (without any luxuries or electronics), to gain awareness of the harsh lifestyles of homeless people. The event was also coupled with a blanket drive, setting an admission fee of 4 blankets or 20 dollars. During the night, Mrs. Texas spoke on behalf of the growing issue. Discussion groups were student led, with an amazing dynamic of participation and input. The event was successful in multiple aspects, but most importantly in the impact left with students, after breaking down common misconceptions and stereotypes of the homeless population. "Cold. Cold are the nights that he sleeps underneath a bridge. But cold are the glares you give him. Hungry for food, but for understanding too. Drinking to get drunk or drinking for warmth? He desires just a few dollars to survive that day, while you spend that amount in the Starbucks drive thru. You dream about calm, relaxing days, free of your hectic life, he dreams about one day in your shoes. He wants a pair of shoes, and you cannot decide which ones best match your outfit. He wants you to give him money, but if you cannot give him that, give him acknowledgement. He is homeless, but he is human" (Samantha Davis).

Plan of Action

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