Homeless for the Homeless

The Problem

Homelessness and Hunger is a big issue that many people in my community are faced with because circumstances they can or cannot control.

Plan of Action

My plan is to dedicate a day (split into Friday night/Saturday morning) to bring people from all over the city together to get to know the homeless people in the community and contribute to the work of organizations that are serving the homeless community. I will go about this by having an event that will be called "Homeless for the Homeless" where individuals and families will pay $10 to sleep outside on one of the coldest night in the winter to help raise awareness and support the work that non-profit organisations that serve the homeless does. All of the money collected will be distributed to organizations that provide services to the homeless individuals and family. There will be about 8 different stations set up that people participating in sleeping out for the homeless will have the opportunity to learn about various issues that an homeless individual or family is faced with day-in and day-out.

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