Homeless Photo Project

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The Problem

This is an odd request but we are looking for some help with our project. Representative from Street-People.com, the online home for the homeless, will be walking the street, back alleys, and parks of Hartford,CT and Springfield, MA and several other New England towns adding stories to their internet gallery of homeless people.“We have taken two other road trips” commented one of the founders” and found a lot of response from fans of the site. Our latest road trip will feature key cities in the New England region as we work our way up to Boston.” The website was created by two downtown office workers in Memphis, TN and has developed a strange collection of followers. The site creators where hosted by college students during a football game to host a Bum Olympics inspired by their site, students hoisted banners for their favorite site on Good Morning America and the creators have been offer monthly columns by magazines in Dallas and Memphis.“I think the interest is that we go beyond just getting pictures of the street people. We get stories behind the request for change.” added the creators. “Being panhandled is something everyone that lives in a city understands. Our site is an outlet for that part of our culture showing that some people really need aid and others are just scam artist.” Under the banner of The Online Home for the Homeless, without the urine smell the site questions whether the disheveled individuals who ask us for change are really in need or just scam artists. The site features a gallery of homeless people complete with photos and stories from “The Iceman” who peddles his bike 50 miles a day to collect cans because Top 40 radio made him quit his job, to “Wheelchair Will” who uses a wheelchair as a prop to garner more handfuls of change from passersby. The site has been featured on news reports and come under fire from charitable organizations as insensitive to the homeless. “We feel the site uses satire to talk about this social phenomenon and we plan to have an interesting visit. We hope our fans will share the homeless hot spots in the region.” added the founders. Are any member of the forum from this region and have photos of people from the area that we could use? Our team will be on the radio and news and we would like to have a story ready to post with photograph when the media hits? Thank you for any support. please feel free to contact us atstreetpeople@gmail.com or visit us online at www.street-people.com

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