Homeless in San Jose, CA

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

3:55 A.M. The morning chill shakes my bones, a warm body tosses and turns next to me, the blanket itches my dry skin, and I try to squeeze my eyes shut to get at least another hour of sleep in before the sun comes up. Someone sniffles a few feet away and I hear HJ whisper uncertainly, "Renee, you up?" "Yes" "It's like freezing," she chatters. "Just imagine if we slept like this every night" Sitting up, HJ and I look at the two other bodies resting next to us with breathing chests. We've immersed ourselves in homelessness sleeping on cardboard fully clothed snuggled together like sardines nudged between two buildings. That cold February night we had a little taste of what it means to sleep on the streets, to be homeless in San Jose. After opening our eyes to urban atrocities, we are passionate high school students advocating for the homeless in San Jose. We have directed and produced a video regarding homelessness in our area. Armed with a video camera and a list of contacts, we have interviewed the hidden homeless, the people who are trying to change legislation, and anyone who wants to share their thoughts. On March 6th, 2008, we are raising awareness by breaking stereotypes. We will be showing our video, hosting a panel discussion and donating all proceeds to the Emergency Housing Consortium in San Jose. Become Aware. Take Action. See Change.

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