Hood Hip Arts and Culture Community for Empowerment

The Problem

Well the problem I am trying to solve actually touches upon a lot of different categories however is addressed all within the one program under my Fashion Design and Clothing Company "Hood Hip Bottoms" within the division Hood Hip Arts and Culture Community for empowerment. The topics my program address fall within a range of categories such as the arts in fashion design, sex teen pregnancy, gang related activity and clothing for self expression, as well as crime. The thing that all of these categories which are addressed under my program, have to do with fashion, is that fashion can play a role in a lot of the activities, clothing, and more teens and youth in our community involve themselves with. Fashion is a way of self expression and a lot of times the teens and youth in our community will use fashion to self-express themselves in negative ways whether it be dressing way to provocatively or sexy in public for their age when it comes to making a presentation of who they are in life. I want our youth to be able to creatively express themselves and make an impact of who they are through their fashion positively and the right way. Not be motivated by all the negative things some may choose to use fashion for in our culture and in the art world period. I believe if we had more programs geared toward fashion showing our youth how to positively influence and self express themselves through what they wear by carrying on more messages of positivity. That maybe there could be more fashion and art program funding for all cultures.

Plan of Action

My plan of action is to let our young people and youth know expressing themselves through fashion and art in our culture does not have to put so much pressure on how they live their life and who they surround themselves with as long as they are positively and creatively expressing themselves in a healthy way. Members from different cultures that join my email powered member`s only fashion design program and business education tips based organization which will help to aspiring artists and youth interested in the world of arts and culture obtain the tools they will need to be successful going out into the work world, will be given mini assignments of going out on their time spreading the positivity in the best way they see fit based off of what tips for the month they have received, providing proof they did so, and bringing it back to me as the owner in charge of the program for their chance to be entered into a drawing for a special opportunity that could help them take their fashion design and or idea to the next stage which is bringing it to prototype form with the help and assistance of tools given to them by my organization. I am not just selling clothes, I am touching on topics that affect our young women and youth in general in all communities whether young woman or man while helping them positively express themselves through fashion. We are also teaching youth apart of our program to embrace the size they are as long as they are happy and healthy because we all know some of the traits the modeling and beauty industry has been known for when it comes to models going to extreme lengths to try to fit in little itty bitty clothes to be on the runway, our organization strives to help make this fad a thing of the past one step at a time. That is something I can honestly say is hard to find.

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