H.O.P.E Animal Rescue

The Problem

This organization is based in the city of Upland in Southren California. This city has struggles with spaying and neutering their animals because such a large amount of cats and dogs that no one comes for end up in the shelter each year. Many people are not aware of what it takes to be a responsible pet owner and so are aim through public events such as our pet adoption fair is to educate as well as find homes for animals in the shelter. At our adoption fairs we offer free spaying and the animals from the shelter get to come out and spend a day in the park. It is an amazing event and typically we get about 12-15 dogs adopted and a couple cats. Which is alot since the shelter can only hold about 30 dogs. We are also currently working to pass a motion with the city council to build a new city shelter since the one the city is currently in does not hold very many animals and was built on a fault line decades ago. At this time the new shelter has been passed and they are trying to move forth with the construction but there are people who arent too happy with this. They believe that the shelter we had was fine and the city should leave it be. We are trying to make animal welfare a bigger concern for people and so far things are looking up.

Plan of Action

Originally this group had started off with a couple animals and would have adoption days on Saturdays where they would go to Petco with the animals and try to find homes for them. We typically were there from 10 am to about 3pm. When we started getting more volunteers we began to occupy two Petco locations, one for our animals and one for the animals from the city shelter. We had worked something out where we would take about 5 cats out from the shelter for the day and tried to get them adopted. This proved to be sucessful and we began to do this every saturday for the shelter. We also do a Pet Adoption Faire every May where we work with the shelter to get their animals adopted. We have a variety of vendors who come out to support us and offer services such as free microchipping and spaying. This is our biggest event of the year and alot of the public comes out to visit the event and we even have reporters from the newspapers who come too. This is my favorite event because I believe it teaches the public alot, we even have a booth just for kids where they can win prizes and learn about animal care. There are several fundraisers during the year we have such as Charity dinners at Outback and we use this as a way to reach out to the public and get to know the community over some good food. About 2 years ago we were able to get the Spay Mobile to come out to our location about 4 times a year to offer low cast vaccines and free spaying for Upland residents. I believe that all these steps are conscienciously helping to prevent animals from ending up being put down at the shelter.

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