Hope For Creativity: Changing the world, one art pack at a time.

The Problem

The problem is two fold: 1. When I learned what homeless children go through: loneliness, sometimes having to give up everything and a lot of times not knowing where they were going to sleep, I couldn't help but want to do something more... I believe, that if children experiencing homelessness are given something new that was meant just for them, at a time when they were used to having to give up things, it might change their lives. Being an artist and knowing the importance of creative expression, I thought that art supplies would be perfect for any age and any gender. Kids need to play and need to have a chance to be a child, no matter what their family circumstances. 2. I want to make volunteering and being empowered to create change something that anybody can do, at any age. When I was nine and searching for a place to volunteer, people kept telling me that I was too young. Kids are NEVER too young to make a lasting change in their communities, they just need a chance to show that they can.

Plan of Action

I founded Hope For Creativity Inc., a youth powered 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides personalized art supply packs to homeless children between the ages of 2-18 who are receiving support services from a 501c3 social service agency in Massachusetts. We also educate others about the struggles of childhood homelessness, and empower them to be change makers, no matter what age. In order to raise funds to provide the artpacks, I have created the Bead Brigade, a group of volunteers that help me bead safety pins that we turn into bracelets, which are sold online and in local stores. Beading is not only fun and something that groups can do together, people of all ages can take part to help me change lives and be a part of providing children experiencing homelessness with the tools to create.

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