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The Problem

I went on a missions trip to Rwanda and Burundi was very impacted by the people there. Now that I am back in the Sates, I want to found Hope foundation, a project that will connect Americans wanting to help widows who survived the genocides in Burundi and Rwanda. While there I was very impressed with the work of a Burundian non-profit, sister connection, and wants to partner with them in initiating this project. We will fund seminars to help encourages reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis and also provides micro-finance loans to mothers who survived the genocides in Burundi and Rwanda. Its important that the youth there learn to reconciling their differences so heal from the wounds of the genocide. We in America, have alot to offer them. My project will promote seminars where individual who experienced the genocide will advocate forgiving those who killed their family members. This I believe, will give peace in the hearts of many over there. Sadly, many of the genocide victims continue to live with hate and the desire to revenge those who killed their loved ones. I want them to experience the peace of forgiveness as witness with some survivors at sister connection. Further, the seminar will teach them how to start and maintain a small business. Our aim is to assist survivors to become self-sufficient. Most refugees have had to dependent on the UNHCR to provide them with food and shelter. Through the micro-financing, our clients will be successful entrepreneurs. What the UNHCR provided in the refugee camps should not be overlooked, for many wouldn’t be alive today were it not for such aid. However, by providing financial capital for these clients to start their own ventures, we are empowering and entrusting them. These genocide survivors then have a sense of accomplishment and for once see themselves as individuals adding value to an economy rather than refugees depending on foreign aid. The mothers who are successful with their business ventures have now become icons in the community. This has led to more Burundian women, in particular widows, to believe that they too can succeed. The children are also watching their mothers succeed in business which encourages them to have hope for their own future.

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