Hope From Home Charms

The Problem

Angels 4 Warriors is a group that helps promote anything Military as well as write the troops and send care packages. All Angels are veteran spouses, active duty spouses, or veterans themselves. We work tirelessly to ensure that our military knows there are people at home that love and support them. We work with other existing veteran and military centered organizations to ensure that our military receive the peer support needed, moral boosts, and the occasional laugh. Currently, we send self funded care packages to troops, by request, as well as engage in nightly questions and fan interaction daily. We believe that anyone who puts on or has put on the uniform and said that oath is a hero, and deserves to be treated as so. Please check out all of these sites we share as we continuously come up with new projects and motivation for our soldiers of all branches. ☆★☆ Support the Troops☆★☆

Plan of Action

We hand make charms that carry beads that represent each angel by a color. These are coming out of pocket till we can get a grant. We mail them to the troops to carry with them as Hope From Home. Also as luck.

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