Hope & Survival

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The Problem

I want to start a club or group of women or men who have been sexually assaulted or raped. Those who have been raped or sexually assaulted need someone to talk with about what happened to them and there are not many places or people who understand what we go through. I am a victim of a sexuall assault and I had no one to talk to. one my best friends was raped and she ended up committing suicide because no one belived her and no one would list to her. I want to help and be there for those who have been assaulted or raped and help them get throught this. I believe it takes someone who's been throught the same events to understand how one person feels. I feel that if I can get this club or group together, we can make a difference out in our communities. I'm currently trying to publish a book on what happen to me and Im also trying to get other people to come with me to schools, and other work enviroments to educate the public about sexual violence.

Plan of Action

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