Hows my teen driving

The Problem

It was ironic that we saw the ad for a grant as we have already taken first steps to form a non-profit organization to combat this issue. We have already registered the domain and are trying to redo everything with free help received on craigslist to get going. We have already registered the domain name and we have a logo. Our mission is to bring awareness that this is the single most cause of death for teens between 16-19 years of age. We plan to create a fully functional website that will have bumper stickers and teen-parent and teen-teen contracts. We have already registered an 800 number to take in the calls. We have researched and found most teen driving sites that offer stickers and contracts charge a substantial fee. Typically $50+ per a year for a sticker and $5+ for a simple contract. We want to offer both for $5. To cover our cost and re-invest all the money back into brochures, stickers and signs. We know it will be hard to get the word out but our determination is there! We want to get guest speakers involved in PTA meetings, booths at fairs, car companies on board. With a nationally recognized logo and plan we feel we can conquer this. We have gotten lots of free time donations to help our cause but so far all money issues have come from our pockets. This grant will help us to get more grants we hope and get our plan in motion in a professional manner that we hope it will have. Our ultimate goal is to get insurance companies to offer a break for teen drivers and parents that place this sticker on their teens car. That way the cost benefit would be there but also we have read through studies about how having a sticker placed on the car takes away anonymity; therefore causing the driver to drive safer. The hard part is getting a parent to realize that taking no for an answer on placing it on the car is not acceptable. Like I mentioned this is already in motion and this money will help fund the stickers, website costs, promotional costs, phone number, etc... If a budget is needed then it can be supplied. This will only help make a dent in our costs. If we do not receive the grant we would like to be put in touch with all those other people who apply so that we can team-up to make the message one solid voice like M.A.D.D. We feel that teen driving is missing that one solid group/logo/image and we hope to become that voice with the help of all those concerned

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