Human Trafficking Conference

The Problem

The problem is modern day slavery or human trafficking and we want to end it now! This affects everyone, at anytime, in any place. Ending sex, and labor trafficking will give these women, men, and children back their lives.

Plan of Action

I started CCAT, Campus Coalition Against trafficking, and besides the many that have joined there is great interest in the organization from not only students but faculty as well. We have had an awareness event that brought many members and informed many others about human trafficking. We are having another large conference with 3 speakers to describe what is human trafficking, why is there such a demand, and our own police to explain the training they are now going through for it and how to look for it. That is explained in the form below. Also in the spring we will be run 2 major fundraising events. A pledge walk/run and a play I wrote with testimonies from trafficked people. That will be preformed by our members and Montclair State University students.

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