Hydroponic Gardens at USF

The Problem

The goal of our project is to promote healthy eating and buying local, all natural products/food by exposing students at USF where their food comes from and how they can participate in creating a greener campus.

Plan of Action

We want to put a couple rows of towers in the USF Botanical Gardens, in front of the Public Health Building, and have a space of campus devoted to hydroponic growing towers. Once this is in place, the towers at the Botanical Gardens will be used for faculty and student use for classes involving gardening. The towers in front of Public Health and on a plot on campus will be to show students the importance of growing and how beneficial it is to grow your own food. In the future, we hope the plot devoted to the growing towers could become a part supplier to the dining halls to allow the campus to save money on food costs and to give the campus locally grown produced.

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