I Can Cook!

The Problem

Childhood obesity is very high in Alaska. The cold, long, dark winters add to a sedate lifestyle and selection of unhealthy foods. In our community, a lot of young children go home to empty houses or are unsupervised. This activity would provide an activity that teaches a healthy life skill and provides a fun, safe activity for elementary aged youth. It also allows teens to serve as mentors to these youth and hopefully will connect some parents to information on quick and healthy foods that even kids can prepare. This will encourage more family time together and hands-on skills for teen mentors.

Plan of Action

FCCLA, Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America, members will create a 4 week mini lesson series to teach kids in third and fourth grade how to prepare nutritious and easy snacks and meals. The program will target low income students from latch key homes. Members will set their goals by using a timeline and planning process. They will need to contact the local school, our administrator, parents and teachers to begin the process. Before this, a schedule of classes and the items they will teach will be identified and placed in a flyer used to advertise the program. Permission slips will also have to be developed. Following the planning and advertisement, signs will be set up throughout the community. The Act portion of the project will include the week by week purchasing on ingredients, recipe identification, handout preparation and implementation. Following the four sessions, a questionnaire and evaluation to the participants will help plan for future workshops.

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