'i' times the 'love'th root of Bach

The Problem

I started playing piano when 3. I went to several piano competitions and music festivals these years and noticed that my generation of classical students is all very busy playing Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff music for competitions and performances. I started this project hoping to encourage and promote the learning of Bach for my current generation of classical kids. I hope to share with them the joy of learning and discovering the underlying spirit and truth of Bach’s music that is very different from romantic and modern music. I hope my generation of music students would not miss the opportunity to appreciate the intricacy of Bach’s music at young age. I hope more kids would get a chance to listen to more Bach's music.

Plan of Action

I first started my project by following the guidelines of the Davidson Fellowship application in the summer of 2007. For my Davidson portfolio, I have prepared several hours of Bach music – solo and ensemble. During 2008, I brought Bach to PBS, NPR, local concerts and different places like Ohio and New York Carnegie Hall. I recorded a Bach concerto with Cincinnati Pops. The CD will come out next year. I will participate in a Bach documentary with Michael Lawrence Films next month and I am writing for the contrapuntal blog in the Glenn Gould Foundation to share my Bach project. I am trying to bring Bach to as far as I can go.

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