When opportunities are NOT given they are M.A.D.E.

The Problem

A student once asked, "Do I need money to be successful?" She wanted to become a professional horse rider and to reach her ultimate goal of being in the Olympics but without the $25,000 for the necessary lessons and gear she was told that her dream would never come true. The problem I am trying to solve is to show students that when opportunities are not given they are M.A.D.E. Instead of students thinking they need money to get ahead in life they can use the opportunities that they provide for themselves through school, church, volunteering, and after-school programs. These opportunities that students can present to themselves will allow them to come into contact with people who sponsor or provide scholarships.

Plan of Action

My plan of action will be to implement my platform, Project M.A.D.E. Maintaining confidence, Achieving Excellence, Dreaming Indefinitely, and Exceeding Expectations. We must instill in the students today that determination is the ultimate Key not Money. The students today need to be enlightened that the world is full of success stories, like Michael Jordan. Growing up Jordan did not much money that allowed most kids to take basketball lessons which led to him ultimately not making his high school basketball team but instead of giving up he found someone to help teach him and he worked hard to accomplish his goal of playing basketball. He used his talent and his determination to become successful.

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