IDM: Informed Decision Making

The Problem

IDM is an organization created by Ron Paulsen and Kelsey Griggs in the Winter of 2007. IDM stands for “Informed Decision Making”. What IDM plans to accomplish to is bring a general understanding of today’s politics, global issues, and humanitarian issues to the youth of the world. Many youth in general do not have a firm understanding of many of these issues and they will one day need to deal with them and/or live with them. IDM wants to cover many topics such as government elections and the importance of them, global warming issues, deforestation, genocide, and terrorism.

Plan of Action

We are in the process of filing our 501(c)(3) forms, which is a lot of work. We are also in the process of collaborating with the Arbor Day Foundation, as well as other non-profits with our same interests. Our website is almost completed.

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