Official Project

The Problem

A not for profit organization helping kids get involved in kid stuff. Every kid should be able to be given the chance to participate in activities, groups, sports, and educational programs. Activities teach kids skills that formal education does not and help them to develop individual interests that may help them to decide on their future careers. I believe that kids should be able to be kids and that activities inspire kids and build skills that they will need in the future to become successful individuals. I am just now starting this organization after being inspired by watching the Brick Awards. Kids are becoming seemingly more uninvolved in kid activities because a lot of families just don't have the money or the transportation or the time and kids are being forced to learn how to take care of themselves now rather than learn the skills that will put them on top in the future. My main goal is to see that kids that don't have the means to become inspired and participate are given them. I want to provide transportation, time, money, activities/ events and anything else they may need to become involved along with a support system and friend to talk to.

Plan of Action

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