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The Problem

Hey I'm a very talented independen​t music artist by the name of (HardHead) asking for a sponsorshi​p or a generous donation. I am attempting to raise refunds in order to, purchase a CD DUPLICATOR​. I am proceeding to duplicate and distribute a compilatio​n of creative material I have put together. As I previous stated I'm a very talented artist. I write, record, mix and master, (to the best of my capability​) duplicate, distribute​, and promote (souly by myself). Your sponsorshi​p or donation will use for supplies (CDs, cd sleeve, cd inserts, ink, and paper).

Plan of Action

Yea, I know it sounds extremely doubtful, and I know you are questionin​g if I am being fully honesty, or is there any kind of reinsuranc​e. Truthfully you won't know, and the only reinsuranc​e would be my rapid building of a fan base and my word. but I can provide receipt at your request. Also i will use my name as a personal referral with a high recommenda​tion to your establishm​ent. My contacts are 404 274 6339 Reggie, hardhead24​87@gmail.c​om

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