Can Help Stop Bullying

The Problem

I’m Bully Free‘s mission is to be a Center of Excellence and provide support and raise awareness to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a Bully-Free, Safe and Secure environment. I’m Bully Free has schools, universities, corporations, and supporters around the world! Our stakeholders includes schools, students, teachers and community members that work together to ensure that everyone feels respected, safe, and valued. Is your child being BULLIED by another student or staff member? We have two mascots called Bully Bear and Bella Bear that help with our programs.

Plan of Action

Since Oct 2012 we have presented our programs to over 150,000 kids and families throughout the United States. We are working with Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Churches and other organizations were families attend events. I can send a spread sheet with the totals. We present the following programs: 1. Anti-bully Awareness program for the families/Staff 2. Suicide awareness programs for the families/Staff 3. Cyber bullying and how to manage the social media for the families/Staff 4. How to become an anti-bully advocate for families /Staff 5. Anti-bully poster contest/Kids 6. Anti-bully essay contest/Kids 7. Anti-bully video contest/Kids 8. Anti-bully song contest/Kids 9. Anti-bully play families/Staff 10. Anti-bully Fun Run/Walk families/Staff 11. Anti-bully exercise/diet training camp families/Staff 12. Dating Violence Break the Cycle 13. Violence Awareness 14. Peer Pressure 15. Drug and Alcohol 16. Texting and Driving

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