Implementing a Youth Group

Official Project

The Problem

My church is very small, and it does not currently have a youth group. During my freshman year of college, I learned how important it is to worship and praise with people your age. There are a small group of junior high and high school girls at my church who do not have this opportunity. This summer, I would like to meet with them regularly once a week for games, food, songs, and worship. In addition, I would like to take day trips to mini golf courses, swimming pools, amusement parks, and other things that spark their interest. This project will include fundraiding for group activities, and the involvement of youth. I think this is very important for girls at this age because it will give them a place to belong when the world shuts them out. When I was in junior high and high school, I envied my friends who had big youth groups to do things with. I plan on implementing this program at my church to make sure that the girls there and in that neiborhood will not miss out on these opportunities.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign