Improve Therapy Space at Kinship House

Official Project

The Problem

Kinship House is a unique niche provider focusing on specific mental health and placement needs of children in the foster care and adoptive systems. Children experiencing foster care, adoption and reunification face unique and complex challenges requiring skilled providers who have the tools and knowledge to support positive change and brighter future. At Kinship House, we use child play and therapy intervention to help disadvantaged kids who come to our house. This technique is unique in that it requires a well planned, safe and engaging space to provide the optimal benefit for each child. Helping children transition through difficult trauma that is not fault of their own requires a space that is organized, stable and safe. Part of Kinship House success is not just our caring experienced staff, but the inviting comfortable atmosphere that supports children in feeling safe and comfortable so they can settle in to address past experiences that were unsafe and chaotic to move on to a healthier future. Our current therapy space has significant wear and tear which begins to impede the therapy process. Our furniture our falling apart causing safety risk for our children. We are trying to make our therapy space more comfortable, cozy, inviting, and most importantly safe for our kids.

Plan of Action

We are seeking funds to secure items that would take care of some of our needs at Kinship House,mostly pertaining to the safety of our children. The items include: Safe, secure storage and furniture for the room including tables, chairs, and closets/storage units. We currently have a collection of poor condition donated shelving., tables and chairs. Locking storage units are needed to increase safely for storing sharp tools and confidential client information and work. Due to out reliance on donated items, the majority of out furnishing is not suited to children and their safety and size needs. The therapy room is need of a new coat of paint and lighting improvements. Currently we are using donated floor and table lamps to help with lighting issues, but we serve many young children and this becomes a safety risk of tipping over. With your generous grant, I plan to provide for some of the items on the wish list that will help Kinship House continue their services at highest of standards. I would like to get some of the items on Kinship House's ( wish list for their children. The items include the following: Play mobile Sets Art Supplies Powell's Gift Certificates for clinical books Basketball Hoop Picnic table

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