In My Sister's Closet

Official Project

The Problem

I am collecting clothing items for a girls/womens transitional house that helps homeless teen and girls who have timed out of foster care. The organization is MY HOME, YOUR HOME, Inc.- Lissy's Place. I am trying to help them to complete their "Interview Closet". This is a room that holds items in which the residents can go in and choose clothing that is needed for job searches or job interviews. The program targets homeless women 18-29 years old, without children, with a history of foster care. These women have been left without adequate life skills, resources, or support networks to live independently. Lissy’s Place also serves homeless young women who may not have been in the formal foster care system but share similar transient and unsupportive backgrounds with those who were. The goals of the program are: to provide safe, stable transitional housing, interrupting a pattern of transience for this population and enabling them to focus on goals for self-sufficiency; to assist participants increase skills and resources so they are better prepared for independence; and to guide participants toward a safe, successful move to permanent housing. I believe everyone deserves a chance and sometimes all we need is a "hand up" not a hand out for success to take place. To be able to help someone in the community is very important to me. I have distributed flyers asking for donations of clothing, but I would also like to help in someway to organize and purchase adequate storage units for the room. Organization is important in ourlives starting with the smallest of things to the biggest.

Plan of Action

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