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Hi I am Alexandria Garrett [edited out by  DS Staff]I would like to bring to your attention a plan I and many others supporting this project have for Dekalb county's teen mothers and pregnant teens. I have written a mission statement for a nonprofit organization I will call Infinite Possibilities and this program will offer just that. Infinite Possibilities will a chance for these young women to be model citizens in our community instead of just another statistic because they deserve that and owe that to their children. This will be a Christian based foundation and what we want from Dekalb is support and guidance to take the right steps to making this opportunity an option real soon starting with Dekalb and if its gods will to help out other county's, states, and countries. With that said here the mission for Infinite Possibilities .... Mission Statement Infinite Possibilities is a service for teen mothers from all walks of life, from many different places in the world. We are still developing the Infinite Possibilities and need your help to better assess the needs of young mothers today and to research the resources that are available. We will serve teen moms who still are unsure of what there next step will be and the journey into becoming a teen parent. We are also reaching out to women who were pregnant teens and teen mothers at one point in their life and made it through it in a happy, healthy, successful way. Infinite Possibilities wants to bring these two worlds together so everyone can benefit by sharing experiences, skills, advice, support and a life long partnerships. The teen moms of today will one day be a member of Infinite Possibilities helping out the teen moms of the future. This program hopes to assist teen mothers in transitioning into their new role as a teen mother and productive, strong Christian women. The girls who will come to Infinite Possibilities will have often been victims of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse and in these extremely difficult circumstances a lot of young women find it hard to cope in the general public. This is were Infinite Possibilities will step in to provide a healthy Christian based foundation for these teens to grow into women and their children a vessel into our future. The services we hope to provide for these teen mothers are: Career Planning - Job Search, Resume Writing, Interview skills Budget Skills : Financial Planning, Making it work with small budget Mentor Relationships: Teen Moms will be assigned a Mentor who will be a successful woman who was once a teen mom herself Online Support: with the Infinite Possibilities Website. Peer Support: Support groups with other teens in the same situation Education/Training: Help with High School Diploma/GED, College Prep, Financial Aide, Self Help Programs, etc Parent Skills: Parenting programs, child care skills, disciplinary action, etc.: seeking volunteer workers Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Birth control, planned parenthood, choices, education, etc Employment Opportunities: As the program grows there will be many employment opportunities within the Infinite Possibilities organization. Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities in fund raising, mentoring, peer support, speakers, babysitting, administration, IT, etc Play Groups: A positive environment for your children to play and be educated, giving you the opportunity to socialize with other women in the same situation. Housing: to provide a healthy environment for their growth and their child's well being . (6-12 girls and their babies)After care for up to a year until we have seen real success

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