Informed Consumers Equal Improved Health

Official Project

The Problem

Informed Consumers Equal Improved Health (ICEIH) is a University of Wisconsin-Madison student organization seeking to reduce trans fat in Madison-area restaurants. The organization was founded by UW-Madison students Eli Persky and Dan Chavas in August 2006 and is the lead organization in the Madison Trans Fat Reduction Project. ICEIH is powered by the efforts of student volunteers. They gathered in the fall of 2006 and began to survey Madison restaurants door-to-door. Restaurant managers or owners filled out a short questionnaire about their cooking oils; we also received responses through the mail and online. We compiled hundreds of surveys from restaurants of the greater Madison area and carefully reviewed the results. Subject to the discretion of ICEIH, Gold and Silver Awards were presented based on no or minimal trans fat usage. We hope to increase restaurant participation in this program; as well as raise consumer awareness in Madison.

Plan of Action

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