Inner City Composters

The Problem

Develop a plan to use cafeteria food scraps from students served meals to create compost which would reduce the amount of waste at our school site. Students in 3rd grade are investigating ways to compost by using simulate bioreactor bottles. They are focusing on temperature, materials, and moisture levels. Our next step is the Developing of a compost operation led by the students. We have started collecting waste but we need compost bins to use to store our scraps. We have tried to get them donated from the city of Los Angeles but haven't been successful This grant would allow us to purchase the tools we need for this project. Our goal is to teach the school community how to compost so that families could start composting in our inner-city community. Our future goal is to become a waste free school.

Plan of Action

1. Learning how to compost and what the processes is. 2. Science projects to share composting results through simulation bioreactors. 3. Continue to refine our plan to collect food scraps for composting at lunch. 4. Store scraps in compost bins. 5. Monitor and develop compost methods. 6. Share learned knowledge with the school community as a whole so that we can promote composting in the local neighborhood. 7. Share compost for student home gardens. 8. Start are own garden plots at school.

Find a Campaign