The Inner Harbor Project

The Problem

During the summer of 2012, Celia Neustadt, the founder of the Inner Harbor Project came together with eight Baltimore City public high school students to address growing concern over youth violence in the Inner Harbor. These students were apprehensive that violence in the Harbor would tarnish Baltimore’s reputation and its economy. They also feared exclusion from the Harbor if tensions could not be ameliorated.

Plan of Action

In an effort to understand the origin of tension, the Inner Harbor Project trains black teens, who are insiders in this community, to conduct sociological research. Our first goal is to prepare black teens in Baltimore City for college by teaching them valuable research techniques. Our second goal is to enhance the environment of the Inner Harbor for local businesses and stakeholders. Our third and most ambitious goal is to bring a new vision of public space to the city of Baltimore, that positions public space as singularly significant for reconciling societal inequities.

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