Inspiring Youth

The Problem

My project includes children outside of the 21st Century program club of "Student Gova’" that I facilitate. Inside the program I help the 8th grade students with life problems that include abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, which their friends are doing, to helping the community be less violent and more together. They were taught how to work with younger children and assist them in doing homework. The Student Gova’ students also help clean up the surrounding community to be a much presentable and more cleanly environment for people to enjoy. I also facilitate their raising of money for the "Walk for Hunger" that is done in Mass every year, and this will be their second year walking. Last year as a team we raised over 700 dollars. I also branch out to other children that have many problems they need assistance in. They may have a habit of smoking and/or drinking, and I am there to be there positive role model to show them what is right and what is wrong, or they may have a problem with school. My project is not a short term project but a long term project that I consider to now be a part of my life which connects to my future career. I will like to consider myself the youth’s safe haven to get assistance.

Plan of Action

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