Insulin Pump Fundraiser

The Problem

Leah is an 11 year old girl diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 7. Everyday she lives with the challenge of managing an ever changing blood sugar level. She does this by numerous finger pricks, injections of insulin, counting carbohydrates, making healthy food choices, and educating many about this disease. When she received her insulin pump much of this load was lightened. Through this wonderful technology many injections were traded in for a continuous infusion of insulin. This more closely mimics a pancreatic response to sugar. Leah quickly found out that not all children with diabetes can afford this expensive piece of technology, but all would benefit from it. This motivated Leah to start her own business called Dragonfly Jewelry. The goal of this business is to generate funds to help purchase insulin pumps for other children with Type 1 diabetes. Gradually she has taught herself how to make beautiful glass bead jewelry. She has sold this jewelry door to door, at city swim meets, to friends and relatives, and recently hosted a 3 hour jewelry open house. Leah generously donates 50% of all sales toward a fund for insulin pumps. The other 50% goes back into her business to stay funded and producing jewelry. Leah pitched the idea to raise funds for insulin pumps to her Student Council at her Elementary School. This idea was unanimously adopted and now her school is collecting "Pennies 4 Pumps" with the PE teacher offering a reward of an extra PE Class and a healthy snack (apples and peanut butter and crystal lite). Along the way Leah has had many opportunities to educate people about Type 1 Diabetes and has been an open book in terms of sharing her successes and challenges. Leah is a motivated and positive little girl and as her mother I am proud to advocate for her in this adventure. I know how much the pump has benefitted our lives and, together with Leah, we want other families to have this same experience. Please consider helping us in this action. Thank you.

Plan of Action

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