Official Project

The Problem

One class that I am truly passionate about is Child Development. At Rustin High School we have a preschool where I had the opportunity to work with children. Every high school student in the class was assigned to work with one, one on one. Over the year I observed my child’s skills and watched them improve. I helped my child accomplish daily tasks, worksheets, crafts, and to make friends. For most students the work stopped there, but I went above the required work. I not only assisted my child, I helped improve the preschool. From organizing the classroom to hanging bulletin boards, I was always doing something on the days when we didn’t have preschool. All of my classmates noticed my work throughout the year and when it came time to vote for the person who contributed the most, my classmates nominated me. So at the 2007 preschool graduation I received the Excellence in Child Development Award. Currently, as a senior, I am taking a class called Education Practicum. In this class I have the fabulous opportunity to work at a nearby Elementary School, Penn Wood Elementary School. At Penn Wood I volunteer about ten hours every week. The principal there has placed me in two of the kindergarten classrooms. One of them is the traditional half day class and the other is the extended day kindergarten, EDK. I have to teach one lesson and put up a bulletin board each making period, our district has four. The kids are so much fun to work with and they have shown me that hard work pays off. Some people don’t have the patience to sit next to one of them and sound out a word six times before they get the first letter. But I have watched them grow from not being able to sound out a word and write it to doing it all by themselves. Child Development has helped me become the person I am today. I am now more outgoing and a leader. This class has shown me how to prepare lesson plans; and what activities work and which don’t. Because of this class I know a little about what it is like to be a teacher and work with children every day. Child Development has shown me how rewarding working with children is. This year I am also in charge of a program Rustin has called Baby Think It Over. This program gives high school students a taste of parenthood. Computerized babies that cry when they need something and have to be cared for like a real baby, they have to be fed, changed, rocked, and burped. I am a firm believer that reality works and that you need to live it to learn it. I think that the babies are a great experience and learning how to grade and program them has given me responsibility of a teacher.

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