It Only Takes A Spark

The Problem

Our District 1 4-H Council has committed to making a change in our community and state. We have started having lock-ins and inviting area youth to get involved. Our program is designed to empower the youth in our district to increase participation of youth and adults. Our program will take full advantage from the ESRI (software provider) training and software to maximize youth/adult partnership in the development of leadership and training of the GPS/GIS(Geographic Information Systems). We would like to replicate our program and share it with other counties. We have an open door to our counties GIS officer and have received support with our county EOC(Emergency Operations Center). Our team believes that if we are able to show what a positive impact we have on our community and county officials that we will be able to video and document what an asset todays youth can be to Florida Counties. If we are able to present this presentation to officials in other counties doors may open for other youth where they have been closed in the past. Goal: Before you can have youth/adult partnership it is necessary to have youth/adult involvement. Our goal is to have such a cutting edge program that involvement will not be a need it will be an asset. Leadership development and experiential learning will automatically happen. Activities/Strategies: -become the first Teen Cert(Community Emergency Response Team) Team in Florida -Working with our local Emergency Operation Center we will plan and execute community service mapping -Plan a GIS day (more info -Participate in ESRI (software grant company) Community Atlas -Institute the use of GIS in our activities and make these activities reproducible -Make several presentations to organizations, local leaders, county, district and state -Participate in monthly national conference calls hosted by USDA -Use Polycom and learn other technology to share information leaned -Give reports and updates at our County Commissioners meetings (contact has already been established

Plan of Action

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