It Only Takes One Voice to Make a Change

The Problem

The problem I am trying to solve is the matter of equality not being important to the eyes of a teenager. Im trying to shine the light to others that everyone is different in so many way, yet its our differences that should pull us all together as one. Some look at those with DISSABILITIES and see nothing but the dissabilities, instead of looking past and seeing the many ABILITIES that that person has. I see people in my highschool every day sitting around judging and down grading everyone who walks past them. Instead of looking at them and complimeting them, I feel as though people do this to make themseleves feel better. I myself have done it multiple times in my past. Then I started working with people who have Intelectual DIssabilities, and I realized that helping others and complimenting others made me feel so much better than judging others. I simply just want to spread awarness that no we are not all the same. But if we were the same, life wouldnt be the same. We are all human, we all breathe the same air, we all bleed the same color of blood, we all should be treated equally.

Plan of Action

My plan of action is to create awarness by continuing to include the students with intelectual dissabilities at my school into the activities and projects throughout the school. To make it very clear that they are just as important to our school as everyone else. I want to show students that their actions speck louder than their words. Yet somtimes words can make the difference that actions may not. Just simply speaking up for whats right. I want to make it a yearly tradition to have a dance that includes those with dissabilities, because they deserve to make memories and have a fun time just as those who dont have dissabilites. Its not their dissability that seperates them from main stream activities and students. Its the judgment from the main stream students. My action plan consitis of not giving up even when it continues to get harder. I will make a difference, I will spread the word, I will continue to love, I will change my school.

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