Jake Austin Walker's Play it Forward


The Problem

Jake is like many of you...he loves playing video games. However, he usually beats a game very quickly and trades them in for other games. He thought "why not donate games and equipment to others less fortunate" instead of getting another game all the time. Once Jake was in a local trading store and overheard a kid saying how he didn't have enough money to get any of the cool latest games that are over $50, and that he was living in a foster home. This gave Jake this idea of donating video games to those less fortunate. Then Jake's mom recalled a movie they had watched a while back about a kid who tried to spread kindness to one person but he made sure that person agreed to be kind or show a act of kindess to another, and so on.....All of his friends are gamers and most everyone in the nation plays video games or have played before, so if everyone just donated one video game or piece of equipment, this would be enough to spread the "gamer love" to those less fortunate. Think of how much fun you get from playing your video games and how much it connects you with your friends, now imagine giving that experience to kids less fortunate!

Plan of Action

Myself, my sister who is also a actress Jaycie Walker along with my mom and the rest of my family plan to organize groups in many states and have them set up donation outlets much like the barrels you see out for Toys for Tots to collect video games. New and "slightly used" but everything must be in excellent condition. Then we are going to have the groups mail out and go out on foot and give these games to kids who really need them as we identify through organizations like Salvation Army, and other organizations that support poverty and homelessness.

Project Updates

Hi Guys!

Our "Play it Forward" video donations went great over the holidays. I was able to visit a couple of clubs in Newton and Chunky, MS. A huge shout out goes to the following club members who helped organize our donations of video games, consoles and equipment to some well deserving kids and teens! Thanks guys and now get the jeans ready for our next project which is "Jeans for Teens!" More info is coming out soon. Thanks for your continued support and it was great visiting with you all over the holiday. Happy New Years and I wish you all a even better 2011! Jake

Thank you to our members in Chunky and Newton, MS!
Club President : Kandi Collins
Kayla Clark, Karlee Clark, Bradley Burcham, Justin Whigham, Dexter Jones, Devin Collins, Jaycie Walker, Jake Walker

Photos to be posted soon!

"No Parachute" Video Launch Party will be a fundraiser to bring a used or new video game or piece of equipment to enter party. Party will be mid Nov at a venue to be announced in Hollywood, CA

The "Play it Forward" club has announced officers for Studio City location.

Jake Austin Walker (President)
Jaycie Taylor Walker (Vice-President)
Kimberly Taylor Publicist (KTA PR Group)

We are having more officer nominations for
Secretary, Community Outreach Partner, Treasurer, soon!

We are putting our first "Holiday Play it Forward" campaign together. Jake Austin Walker is having his music video launch party for his first single "No Parachute" this November. We will be asking that everyone bring one new or slightly new video game and or piece of equipment to this event so that we can donate the games/equipment by Christmas to the kids who really need them in and around the Los Angeles area. We are encouraging others to do the same in their states.

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