Jamming in the Mountains

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

I am hoping to create a yearly event to try and persuade the youth in my area to become more involved and active in our area. With nothing to do here locally many members of our youth are turning to other things i.e. drugs. They are exposed to alot living in such a small area with basically nothing to do.

Plan of Action

I am hoping to start up this festival and I want it run by the youth in our state. I will have them actively involved in something that they can be responsible enough to handle on their own with minimal supervision I.e. ticket sales, promotions, flyer hanging, helping me with organization, and other engaging activities. I also want to try and save the local music talent. We have several bands in my area that just need to be promoted more. After a few failed attempts at making it big they give up and move on to other things. Our music programs are slipping. No one in this area is even interested in playing an instrument. I am hoping to try and make it seem like "the cool thing" to become involved in. I have several ideas and have been working on this for almost a month. Jotting down ideas when they come to me.

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