Jivanah: Improving the Well-being of Children Worldwide

The Problem

Our goal is to improve the well being of children globally. In order to do this we work to plan on improving the infrastructure: education, clean water, city development, health resources (including funding research for AIDS, and other diseases).

Plan of Action

We sell ethnically inspired, multi-colored leather bracelet, each pattern representing a different problems. We currently have several collections going to various causes from funding AIDS research, to building a deaf-friendly school in Uganda, providing clean water in India, and new textbooks in Haiti. We also host events locally to inspire children to continue education and express themselves through art. Our next event will be in Dallas, mid-June, with both science and art workshops. We will have 5 science workshops from building a circuit with LED, to making a non-newtonian fluid, and exploring forensic science. The children will also be able to participate in 5 arts projects. Through combining local project and global funding we hope to improve the lives of children globally.

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