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my son joshua wooten an 8 yr old kid who is autistic got into a sport gokart racing this is a sport he really likes and has excelled in but the only trouble is that being a kid with a disability like autism hes not as fast as the other kids and when he races he gets the black flag when getting lapped this dont happen to the other kids only josh because they know josh has autism and they feel that he could cut down or cut off other drivers that lap him he has never done that nor caused any accidents when hes on the track he watches the flagger and knows the flags and what they mean if a move over flag is thrown at him he slows down and lets other drivers pass him safely he holds his line and hes only about 4 seconds off fast time but that depends on what track he is racing it hurts him because he doesnt understand why this happens only to him hes been taught by profesionals and they all say that they never had a kid that drives as well as he does and that hes so smooth on the track he has kids in his school that want to do this but there just like josh and will have the same truoble josh has so josh and i decided to start a race team called challenger hpv-1 josh races hpv-1 class these kids deserve the chance to race gokarts also ive been in contact with ikf which is international+ karting federation and asked if they can have there own team and race with the other kids but in there own team and on the same days the other race events happen so they can race and win throthys and other prizes just like the other kids do and they said there is no law or rule that says they cant as long as there is more than 3 in a class and that there safe in a kart and know the rules and understant the flags which these kids can now its getting the karts safty equipment and the tracks aproval which they cant deny these kids because they have rights also these kids had very low vocabularys or none at all now they go to school and talk about the kart races engine sizes and kart types the teachers have asked me what im doing and that these kids are just opening up like crazy so as you can see this is really good program to start and will go places there is over 36000 kids in california with autism not counting other disabilitys and that a sport like this can help some of these kids please contact me thank you ethan wooten [edited out by DS Staff]

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