Juarez Women's Fund

The Problem

The Juarez Women’s Fund seeks to further the education and economic empowerment of young women in low-income communities on the border. A combination of economic and social forces in Juarez has contributed to the increasingly vulnerable position of women in the city, as evidenced by the high murder rates in recent years. The Juarez Women’s Fund was created to support the educational goals of disadvantaged young women and girls through unrestricted grants. Unlike a traditional scholarship fund, these grants will provide money for tuition, as well as the additional costs of education: housing, transportation, books, computers, internet access, uniforms and a stipend to offset additional costs of living. By providing for educational expenses while allowing young women to support themselves and their families, our fund aims to make education truly accessible for the women of Juarez. The project's official website can be found at www.juarezwomensfund.org.

Plan of Action

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