Jumpstart Junior Civitan

The Problem

The Junior Civitan Club has been around for years. However, our Junior Civitan club almost died last year. We lost sponsors and we were unable to participate or hold the many events that we usually hold throughout the year. Now, we have new sponsors and new leadership and we are ready to jumpstart this year off with a bang. We came to dosomething.org in the hopes of finding ways to improve our club. We want to try and contribute something to our community at least once a month this year. We have many ideas for walks, collections, and fundraisers. The only problem is we are low on funding. Our old sponsors left us in the hole and we were hoping that we could receive a grant from dosomething.org.

Plan of Action

Our plan of action is promote our Junior Civitan club with posters and flyers. We already have 30 members in our club and we are looking to add more. Our plan is to bring our school and community together as a whole. We have recruited new sponsors this year because within in the last 2 years we have lost all of our sponsors. Some of our goals for this year are helping out with Habitat for Humanity, and Toys 4 Tots. We plan on creating care baskets for children and adults. We want to make care baskets for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Mother's Day. We want to collect goods for the Waterfront Mission to give to the homeless. We want to collect money and volunteer for walks such as the Walk for Diabetes and the March of Dime for Premature Babies. Most of these events are set in stone and we will be participating in them this year. We are just looking for one person to give us the jumpstart.

Find a Campaign