Just Do What Is Right

The Problem

Here in Rexburg, people are in a way, unaware of the importance that they have in helping us have a balanced environment. We, as a society, seem to view environmentalists as those who are angry at progression or industrialization. That is not the case with the vast majority. The stereotype of someone trying to help nature is one of negativity. This is due to the fact that too many environmental groups focus on what is wrong. They point what everyone else is doing to hurt our world. They are viewed as those standing in the way of progression. I wish to focus on letting people focus on what they already like and enjoy about their environments. Then letting them come up with their own solutions on how to preserve it or make it better. This allows them to make a positive thought that will lead to proactive actions to protecting the earth because they just want to because it is right.

Plan of Action

Here on campus at BYU-I I have been able to talk to countless others about what they enjoy about the wonderful area of eastern Idaho. I then ask what they would do to preserve or improve this area. Most of the time, the people I talk with are very conservative, not the ones linked with the environment. This being the case, I am very suprised to see that all love the environment after they think of it in a positive way. The power of word by mouth is amazing. It is a very popular subject and people are becoming aware because of this. They taking greater pride in furthering the conservation of where we live. The effects will be far more reaching as time goes on and others are allowed to think of what they are gratefull for. We know that thought proceeds action, so as we think of doing the right things, we will do the right things.

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