Justified Happiness

The Problem

A vast amount of products in the United States are made in China. Workers who work basically as slaves make these products. The living conditions and lifestyle for these workers are subhuman. Workers work about six days a week averaging 16 hours a day. The technological industry relies on this cheap labor to be competitive and keep prices low and profits high. This relationship directly links the United States to unfair business practice that would never be accepted in the US. There is a growing awareness of this dark secret. The suicides at Foxconn gave the issue a spotlight. As Americans we pride ourself on freedom and human rights. To keep this value we must help this issue. This is why we need to act.

Plan of Action

Right now, if you wanted to give back to the person who made the iPhone you love today, you could not. There is no way to give back to the person who created your prized possession. Justified Happiness is about creating a relationship with the consumer and the maker. The way Justified Happiness works through creating a tag or specification on a product that insures at least $1 is given to the maker(s) for the product in addition to their salary. Companies that participate with Justified Happiness will sell their products at their normal price, but offer and optional special suggested donation that goes to the maker based on the process that it took to make the product. For example, if it takes a shoe maker takes 20 minutes to make a shoe and they make 40 a day then the donation would be less then a product that takes an hour to make and only 12 are made a day. In addition to this, if multiple workers are needed to make the product, there will be an adjusted suggested donation that will be distributed to each person who took part in making the product. Products will be tracked from factory to store front as detailed as possible. The suggested donation will always be within reasonable range and although the donation may be small, it will be a major increase in the salary of the workers because of how low they are paid now. Justified Happiness will first target Foxconn.

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