Karate Outreach

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The Problem

My husband has been making a differnece in out communuty and we are in need of safety mats for our karate school. We (Tampa Bay Tang Soo Do Karate for Christ, Inc.) is a newly established, not-for-profit ministry with approximately 30 inner city children. The majority of these children are from low income families and are faced with daily peer pressures. Some of the kids are also faced with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder (ADD), or other economic and language based difficulties. My husband grew up in a gang in Brooklyn, New York, he (Willie Cintron) knows the risks kids can face every day. That's why he started his karate ministry in Temple Terrace to help local youth stay on the right path. He is a master instructor and fifth degree black belt holds a free, 'Karate for Christ' class every Saturday from 11am until noon. He doesn't charge parents because he wants to make sure every kid has a chance to learn martial arts and some life lessons along the way. He teaches Tang Soo Do and says it helps the kids learn focus in school, keeps them off drugs and out of gangs and helps them learn how to handle certain situations like attemped abductions. Parents whose kids have been attending the Christian martial arts academy say they've seen amazing improvements in their children, and say that my husband acts as a father figure to the kids.

Plan of Action

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