The Problem

'Karchob' is a wooden framework on which artisans make hand embroidery day in and day out to make beautiful clothing for us! Our designs are socially conscious because we do not give all the fame to the designer but direct the fame and appreciation to our artisans community. But sadly, till date these artisans don't get the praise and respect they deserve, we get all the compliments and thank the clever guy who sold it us for ten times its actual price and gives almost nothing to the artisans :( This is where we come in and make the people like you and me realize the hard work and effort that goes into making a simple hand embroidered item. Rural artisans are exploited by cruel middle-men who take all the profits from the hard work of the artisans by selling the products in high end markets.

Plan of Action

I want to stop this injustice and want the artisans to show their skills themselves to the people by having a work center which can be visited by anyone and showing videos and photos depicting who makes our clothes and how does he make it, so that people can know the real heroes and not rely on middle man. I want to establish a socially conscious brand, where the organization will be for profit but a about 50% of the revenue generated will go to a Non Profit Society from Lucknow that supports needs such as education, health, environment of the artisan community. The project aims at artisans community development which will also develop (already producing) sell-able products. The rest 50% will be re-invested into the business to promote the products and work, get good designers to help the artisans. The artisans are exceptionally skilled at making Lucknawi Indian hand embroidery and can make any kind of clothing, soft furnishings and also stationery.

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