The Problem

Kean FOCUS represents students at Kean University (NJ) who are For the Obtainment of Climate and University Solutions. We are going into our second semester. We are a small group but have big dreams. Our goal is to educate the students and faculty about global warming and how to make a change. I started this club after seeing An Inconvenient Truth and participating in a video conference with other colleges aiming to create an action agenda. The club originated from a plan to bring Focus the Nation to our campus on January 31, 2008. I am currently working with a great faculty advisor and our greatest struggle has been to get people interested in coming to our meetings. We need to make some noise for our voices to be heard. Hopefully this upcoming fall semester, we can have demonstrations and events that get people's attention. We are the youth of this nation, and we need to take advantage of our power and responsibility that this age comes with. That where FOCUS can help. Our website is: and our facebook page is:

Plan of Action

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